COL Nickolas Kioutas

Project Manager
For Positioning, Navigation, and Timing under PEO Intelligence, Electronic Warfare and Sensors (PEO IEW&S)

COL Nick Kioutas serves as Project Manager for Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PM PNT) under PEO IEW&S. In this role, he develops PNT-related products as well as enablers that enhance the Warfighter’s PNT capabilities in multi-domain environments. Relying on his recent experience as Chief of Staff for the Army Office of Process Innovation and Integration, and his extensive background in technology development in robotics and unmanned systems, he works to leverage technology quickly to support Army capabilities with open systems.

COL Kioutas began his Army career in the Aviation branch, flying CH-47 Chinook helicopters, and commanding units in South Korea and Fort Bragg, North Carolina. After Company Command at Fort Bragg, and the Combined Logistics Captain’s Career Course, he transitioned to the Acquisition Corps, and began his first acquisition assignment as a Combat Developer at the Army Cyber Center in Fort Gordon, Georgia. During this assignment, COL Kioutas began his longtime involvement with robotic and unmanned systems development which spanned the range of acquisition and command activities to include requirements development, science and technology development, program management, testing, sustainment, and operational command. Highlights include assignments as the Deputy Commander for Task Force Observe Detect Identify Neutralize (TF ODIN) in Iraq, the Product Manager Joint Robotics, the Product Manager Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems, and the Product Manager Unmanned Aircraft Systems Modernization.